Wednesday, 8 September 2010


LEVEL                                        : Form 2 (Intermediate)
TIME                                          : 40 minutes
THEME                                      : Social Issues
TOPIC                                        : There to be
LANGUAGE CONTENT               : Preposition of Places
EDUCATIONAL EMPHASES      : Thinking skills, Multiple Intelligences, ICT skills

AIMS: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to
 1. Identify the preposition of places.
 2. Apply information transfer effectively and efficiently in answering the filling gap questions.
 3. Construct simple and short sentences using preposition of places.
 4. Use internet browser and search engine to look for information.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: • One computer per group of 2 or 3 students.
                                                    • Internet connection
                                                    • Web Browser

1. Locate the hidden objects' game website.
2. Browse through the website to make sure it is suitable for the students and match the topic.
3. Prepare worksheet based on the information in the website.
4. Determine a search engine that can cater to all the students' need during the activity.
5. Prepare the lesson and worksheet based on the information of the website.



Set induction: (5 minutes)    
1. Teacher asks the students where the objects are in the classroom.
2. Students respond to the teacher's questions.
3. Teacher introduces the lesson for the day.
Activity 1: (15 minutes)
1. Teacher asks the students to form a group of 2 to 3 per computer.
2. Teacher instructs students to open the following website
3. Teacher explains to the students on how to play the game.
4. Students asks the teachers if they do not understand.
5. Teacher allocates 10 minutes for students to finish the game.
6. Teacher assists each group in completing the task.

Activity 2: (15 minutes)     
1. Teacher asks the students to open surf the following website;
2. Teacher clarifies the 'Preposition of Places' to the students.
3. Students asks questions to the teacher if they have one.
4. Teacher distributes worksheets (Task 1) to the student and asks them to complete the task using the 'Preposition of Places' that they have learnt previously.
5. Teacher guides the students in completing the task.

Conclusion:(5 minutes)     
1. Teacher recaps the lesson of the day.
2. Teacher inculcates moral values.

FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY: Teacher asks students to complete task 2 that will be given to them and e-mail it to the teacher before the next class.




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  2. Good choice of online game, great LP but 40 minutes is just too short a time. 60 - 70 mins would be sufficient.

  3. is there the expert of lesson plan above????